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Reman Process

All of our remanufactured engines go through a stringent, nine-step process that ensures high quality, performance, and value.


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Customer service is our top priority, and it shows in our awesome reviews and testimonials. We're here to provide you with personalized assistance at each step, from ordering to installation.


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  • My 1988 Lincoln runs so smooth and quiet, I have to rev it to make sure it's running.
    - David M. Friedlander Ph.D
  • Everything was first class , from the phone service and shipping company to the startup instructions!
    - Brian Doyle
  • I want to thank Dan on the help with my motor and trans. You went way above the call of duty!
    - Walter Hart
  • I now know where I can buy a good, quality engine and I trust Gearhead. Thank you!
    - Kelley Potter
  • I'm really pleased with my engine...
    my salesman did a great job getting me the one I needed.
    - Cliff
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magnifying glass Identify
'Close enough' does not apply to replacement engines. Engine configurations vary between vehicles, so identifying the right engine is crucial to ensure you receive the correct solution. With our experienced staff and a comprehensive cataloging system, know that you'll get the right product the first time.
wrench Dismantle
All of our engines are carefully taken apart and catalogued for the machining process. Once the engine is dismantled, all reclaimed parts are tagged and kept as a group so they can be built back into the same engine block. This method of manufacturing ensures tight quality control, consistency, and a better finished product.
transmissions Clean
Parts that potentially develop "wear" over time like pistons, rings, gaskets and bearings are discarded.
cylinder heads Initial Testing
Our teams thoroughly test reclaimed component pieces to ensure they can be brought up to new OE specifications or better. Testing includes wet magnaflux, pressure testing, dimensional measuring, and preliminary testing of all surfaces.
rebuilt engines for sale Machine
Using the latest technology, cutting-edge machinery, and 30+ years of engineering know-how, we turn old into new again in our machining process. Our teams take into account every available update and improvement to make sure our products function better than new.
  • 100% align honed
    All block castings are align-honed, providing the best surface finish for optimum bearing life, heat transfer, oil clearance, and alignment of the rotating assembly.
  • 100% deck resurfacing
    All engine blocks and cylinder heads are resurfaced, providing the strongest-possible head gasket seal. This machining is performed parallel to the crankshaft centerline, ensuring equal compression.
  • 100% cylinder reconditioning
    All cylinders are bored 90 degrees to the crankshaft centerline. The cylinders are then plateau diamond honed to achieve the proper cylinder size and surface finish, assuring optimal compression and oil control.
  • 100% cylinder head reconditioning
    All valve guides are reconditioned to better-than-OE-specified tolerances. All cylinder head valve seats are three-angle machined for optimum sealing and flow. High-temp Viton® valve stem seals provide superior sealing and oil control. Valve stem heights and lash are measured to specification, ensuring optimum engine performance.
  • 100% crankshafts reground
    All crankshafts are reground to better-than-OE tolerances for clearance. Crankshafts are ground on stroke, assuring equalized compression of cylinders for equalized power. Crankshafts are ground on index, providing balanced running mates and a smooth running engine.
  • 100% connecting rod reconditioning
    All connecting rods are reconditioned to better-than-OE-specified tolerances. Connecting rods are machined perpendicular to the housing bore, providing true journal alignment and minimal bearing stress. The rods are diamond-honed to achieve proper size and surface finish. This supports the best heat transfer and allows for strict size control and optimal bearing life.
cylinder heads Second Clean
After our precision machining process, our parts get one more cleansing wash before assembly.
wrench Assemble
Each remanufactured engine is assembled according to our quality assurance system's documented, detailed instructions — assembling engines from memory can cause inconsistent quality and Gearhead just won't accept subpar assembly. To ensure you only get the highest quality, we use a large percentage of brand-new OE grade parts during our assembly process.
remanufactured engines Final Testing
Our complete engine assemblies are fully tested using simulated and/or live-run test stands. All critical engine parameters are checked at this step by highly trained technicians, verifying correct timing, correct valve train setup, compression, oil pressure, oil flow, vibration, knocking or unusual noises, variable valve-timing actuation, and fluid leaks. Finally, our technicians pressurize the finished assembly to verify water jacket integrity.
truck Ship
We ship our engines in durable, returnable, high-impact-plastic shipping containers. These containers eliminate shipping damage and make core returns a breeze by providing a safe, easy way to return cores without spilling any residual liquids.
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We've been making people happy and their vehicles road-ready for nearly four decades, serving up a wide array of remanufactured engines, crate engines, and rebuilt engines for sale. We'll help you find the engine you need at the perfect price point — and we'll walk you through the ordering and installation process, staying with you every step of the way.
Our engines are what first revved us into the market — we have a solid stock of Chevy 350 engines, Chrysler engines, and diesel truck engines. We've successfully branched into marine engines as well as most European engines. Our lineup of other powertrain components are nothing to scoff at, either, providing you with a broad selection of supply of rear axles, transmissions, transfer cases, and cylinder heads to fit a wide array of makes and models.
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